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##some, anyの一般的な使われ方、学び方

  • I have some coffee.
  • Do you have any coffee?
  • I don't have any coffee.

これが、単数可算名詞の場合はもちろん "a", "an" を使用します。


  • Would you like some more coffee?

- あなたはコーヒーをもっといりますか?(直訳)
- コーヒーのおかわりはいかがでしょうか?(意訳)

  • Do you need some help?

- あなたは助けが必要ですか?(直訳)
- 手伝おうか?(意訳)


  • Would you like any more coffee?

- あなたはどのコーヒーをもっといりますか?(直訳)
- コーヒーおかわりしますよね?どれにしますか?(直訳)

  • Do you need any help?

- あなたはどの助けが必要ですか?(直訳)
- どれ手伝おうか?(意訳)



  • someには"前提がない"
  • anyには"前提がある"



A: Excuse me? Let me know where I can get some vegetables, please.
B: You can find them almost any store. lol
A: I know, but I don't know where it is.
B: Just joking. Let me see…, OK. Go straight down this street. You'll see the biggest store around here.
A: OK, Thanks a lot!

A: (Hmm, I'm not sure how to buy.) (in front of the register.)
C: Hello, Do you need some help? If you'd like to buy some stuff, you'll put their here.
A: Thanks. And then, do you have any bags?
C: Sure. ... Here you go.
A: Thank you. Have a good day.
C: You too, bye.

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